10 Benefits of Choosing Canada as your study destination
10 Benefits of choosing Canada as your Study Destination

Canada is one of the most favoured study locations for many international students. The land of maple offers internationally recognized programs in top-ranked universities. Liberal government policies, high quality of education, and low cost of living make it one of the most sought after study countries for international students. According to a study, in 2016, 353,000 students decided to get a degree from Canada. Due to the world-class education system and diverse culture, students evolve as an individual as they get a chance to learn and grow with the international crowd. Let us look at the benefits of choosing Canada as your study destination.

Here are the reasons to choose Canada as your study country.

1. Globally Acclaimed Degrees

The education quality is one of the primary reasons why students Canada over other countries as there preferred study destination. Universities offer courses that help in gaining wonderful opportunities in the area of interest. A few of the top Candian universities which are featured in the world’s top 100 universities are as follows.

  1. University of Toronto
  2. Université de Montréal
  3. McGill University
  4. University of Alberta
  5. University of British Columbia
2. Varied Study Courses

Canadian colleges offer programs covering a wide array of streams. Management, healthcare, renewable energy, accounting, mining, sports, petroleum, or any other domain, Canadian universities have a dedicated study program keeping in mind the market demands.

3. Diverse Cultural Environment

Canada is a bilingual nation as English and French; both are the official languages. The multicultural environment of Canada welcomes people of all races, religions, and nationalities. A multicultural environment helps students to get international exposure, which is beneficial for career progression. The friendly attitude of locals makes it easy for international students to adapt to new surroundings. Throughout the year, festivals of different communities and countries are celebrated with a zeal that reflects the diversity of Canada.

4. Quality of Life

With low crime rates, Canada is one of the safest countries for students to study. Canada ranked as 6th for being the most peaceful country in the ‘Global World Peace Index’ in the 2018 survey.

5. Accessible Student Visa Process

The country has a transparent student visa process. It is one of the main factors why students prefer getting a highly acclaimed international degree from Canada.

6. Ease of Immigration and PR

After completing education, students can work as the Government work visa permit along with study visas to international students. Those who wish to be citizens of Canada can apply for permanent residency. Students can work in the campus area for a minimum 20hrs/week and a maximum of 30hrs/week. This is only during breaks, a student can without a work permit to support his/her education fees. Therefore, you can earn while you learn.

7. Affordable Education and the Cost of Living

As compared to other countries, Canada has low tuition fees, which makes it an affordable study destination for international students. Meritorious students can apply for scholarships to support their expenses. While keeping in mind the return of investment and the job opportunities that a student gets after course completion, Canada is a great option.

8. High Tech Country

The reputation of Canada as a leading nation in information technology has enabled the country to indulge in research and innovation in different categories. Canada was the first nation that connected its libraries and schools to the Internet. Also, WiFi is enabled at almost everywhere in Canada. Campuses are well equipped with all modern amenities and modern technologies.

9. Job Opportunity

Canada has immense options for growth. With ample job opportunities, students get the chance to work for one of the most renowned multinational companies. After completion of the degree from a university, students can work for up to 3 years in Canada.

10. Vibrant Campus Lifestyle

Due to a multicultural environment, the campuses are lively and vibrant, to make a comfortable environment for an international student. Such a culturally rich environment helps in building the overall personality and also shaping life.

These were the 10 major benefits of choosing Canada as your study destination.

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